Catherine Flynn


Professional Artist, Illustrator & Designer

B.A. (Hons)


A professional multifaceted Designer, Artist and Illustrator, in love with too many styles to focus on one!

Hello, and welcome to my personal information page, where I can tell you a little about my background and tastes.


A self-taught artist and illustrator, originally from Berkshire, England, I am currently based in my home-from-home, County Mayo, Ireland. As a child, I loved doodling caricatures and sketching portraits, and soon moved on to oil paints. I have been receiving portrait commissions since the age of twelve, and my work can be seen in the USA, Australia and the UK, as well as here in Ireland.


I attended East Berkshire College to study Art & Design, which allowed me to dabble in various forms of art and media, such as Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion Illustration, Photography and 3D modelling... of course I loved them all and, even

today, I couldn't chose one to focus on over the others. I enjoy working in oils, pencil, watercolour, ink, charcoal, photography, clay and various mixed media.


I am a versatile Designer, having graduated with a BA in Design Communications and a BA (Hons) in Digital Media from Athlone Institute of Technology. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I’m also experienced in Premiere Pro and After Affects. On occasion I collaborate with my boyfriend, Paul O'Connor -

a very talented graphic designer and animator (very handy!).


Although probably best known for a realist style and detail work, I also love working in various other styles and, in particular, blending and contrasting the contemporary with the

traditional. I enjoy creating both pretty, whimsical

illustrations and edgy, energetic designs. In all cases, I pay a high level of attention to detail, and am known as somewhat of a ‘perfectionist’.


When I'm not sketching/painting/designing... I love running, or throwing my weight around the gym, reading, and spending time with the ever-supportive Paul and our two kitties -

oh, I love cats!   =^._.^=


If you're interested in commissioning a bespoke piece, or working with me on a commercial project, I'd love to hear from you, wherever you are.


Thank you for taking an interest in my work.



Tara lavin


"I asked Catherine to draw my wedding dress for me. I wanted a piece of art to hang in my dressing room and I felt a sketch of my wedding dress would be perfect! It is the most special dress I will ever own and I love that I now get to glance at it every day.

Catherine was great to deal with. Ordering couldn't have been easier. I sent her pictures of the dress, my shoes and bouquet and she got to work. I think her art is absolutely amazing. I adore the sketch she did for me and everyone that sees it admires it.

I can't recommend Catherine enough. I know I will be ordering from her again when I need a special gift."

Lisa Canny


OMG Catherine!!!! 😱 This is so amazing! You're amazing!!! I particularly love my teeny tiny waist and monstrous boobs 🙌🏼💪🏼❤️

I need this in my life!!!! Wow

rachael o'malley


"Absolutely fabulous piece of work Cat Flynn ... Sarah O'Malley loved it... Even nicer that it was the work of someone we know from our childhood... Thanks again it was a pleasure :)"



How lucky am I to have such a wonderful and talented friend?!? Cat did a fantastic job in sketching my wedding dress and shoes. Cat was so thoughtful incorporating my "Irish Spring" theme into the sketch. If anyone is looking for a beautiful and feminine wedding gift get in touch with Catherine Flynn Design, Art & Illustration. Thank you Cat! X



So delighted with the beautiful graphite photograph that Catherine drew, made a unique and special wedding day present. Couple loved it.

Karen Connolly


Thanks so so much Cat Flynn. Absolutely thrilled with the invitations and the original caricature. Could not recommend you more.... you made the whole process so much fun and brought huge thoughtfulness and attention to detail to the piece and gave us great suggestions. We got so much positive feedback from the invites that it made the pre-wedding build up all the more fun for us. the final design was delivered on time and any suggestions for changes by us were treated with a "no problem" attitude. We are beyond thrilled with the piece. Thanks for all your attentiveness,kindness, professionalism and great humour that you brought to this project. #CATFLYNN #legend #bestinvitesever #pleasuretodealwith #greattalent #greatsenseofhumour #beyondbrillant

Simon Pietrzak


Thank you Catherine for your time, communication and efforts, its been a wonderful experience dealing with you, i am looking forward to working with you again in the future, your work is magic.


Simon :-)))

martina fanning


"Absolutely loved it!! So delighted with this piece and had so much fun with you and Paul bombing around taking pictures to get just the right view! Thank you so much!"

laura payne


I love it!!!!!! "If I had oodles of cash I'd get you to do a whole set of them!! xxxxx"

louise murphy


"Ah thank you so much for doing it i will treasure it for the rest of my Life, it's amazing and when people see it they will be blown away by it xx"



I asked Catherine to do a very personal piece for me. It was a pleasure to work with her from start to finish. She took great care in all the details including finding the perfect frame in my budget. I am delighted it as it exceeded my expectations. The drawing gets great comments from all who see it. Thank you Catherine!

Jean Conway


Was so happy with the end result. The picture does it no justice, you need to see the real thing. The talent this lady has is something else. Thank you so much Catherine !!

DAVID Connolly


It was class Cat Flynn, unreal likeness...really appreciated the whole piece,

thanks again

Sharon Cullinan


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! 💖 love your description of my dress! #butterwouldntmelt

Graham Hitchman


Awesome work Catherine, thanks for this and your patience with me , it's simply "perfect" love it x



Catherine, this is unbelievable! Thank you

so very much, I'm gobsmacked! You are amazing!

Shelley Moran


I absolutely love it it’s amazing! The bride loved it too! Can't wait to show off your amazing work!

traci benbrook


"Beautiful drawing of my wedding dress done for me by Cat Flynn

Thank you so much Cat, I just love it xx "

liam kidney


When we were getting married we were looking for a nice unique logo that we could use on our invites and mass booklet. We got in touch with Catherine and she designed a beautiful logo for us. Everybody thought the logo was magnificent. The priest based a part of his homily at our wedding on the logo. It showed the two of us on a surf board surfing a big wave setting off on a new adventure of our married life together. We couldn't be happier with the turnaround and uniqueness of Catherine's creation and I would highly recommend her."

Kristina Dobbie


Just wanted to write a little note to say, how pleased we are of the amazing sketches Catherine has produced of our children. She has totally exceeded our expectations, was an absolute pleasure to work with, and gave absolutely outstanding results! A true genius especially for capturing expressions and character (without even meeting them in person), the fine details are just out of this world - We are eternally grateful for such a bespoke memory. What a truly talented girl! Thank you a million times over xx



Working with Catherine and her animation partner was a fantastic experience. They were always prompt, professional and took direction well. They contributed great ideas that added to the overall documentary. Their art direction and style was exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend working with Catherine & Paul and look forward to working with them again.

Mark & Luke Jordan


Thank you, Catherine, for a special picture that means so much to Christine. - M


The photo doesn’t actually do justice to the print. When viewed in presence it show how well the artist has captured the essence of such a mundane but special moment. - L


Darre O'Malley


It really is so amazing Catherine- thank you so much! We all loved it but most of all Naomi loved it 😍 xx #amazingtalent

Naomi Kenny


Lovely surprise to receive the morning of the wedding. It is something I will treasure forever. Thank you Catherine for doing an amazing job, and to my sisters for giving me the best gift X

Teresa C.


It is amazing, I'm almost in tears here. Thank you, your work is fantastic, I will treasure this forever.